Web Editor Training

To better prepare new editors, training courses have been setup in Blackboard. These training courses cover both web accessibility and the basics of Omni CMS, our current editor portal.

Required trainings

Completion of both training courses — covering web accessibility and Omni CMS basics — is required to become an official web editor.

Be sure to verify your trainings after fully completing both training courses in Blackboard!

Web accessibility training

The Web Accessibility and Content Editing Training module includes seven topic sections, each with their own short video and quiz.

  • Introduction to Accessibility
  • Headings
  • Alternative Text
  • Link Text
  • Tables
  • Color Contrast
  • Content Structure

Complete the required training (Blackboard)

Omni CMS training

The Basic Omni CMS Training module includes five topic sections, each with their own articles/documents and quiz.

  • Getting Started
  • Creating Pages and Folders
  • Building Your Webpage within Omni CMS
  • Managing Internal and External Links
  • Working with Images and Video

Complete the required training (Blackboard)

Training Verification Request Form

Verify your training(s)

Upon completion of all required trainings, please notify us via this form.
Select all the training(s) you'd like verified.
A BearPass email is required to become an editor.